In the summer of 2005, a festival happened for the first time on the coast of Central France in an old wooden shipbuilding town called Rochefort. This festival was no ordinary festival, as the organizer’s vision and intent was to throw talented musicians together, spontaneously but not randomly, and see what happened.

  So Paul Tiernan, a singer-songwriter-guitarist from Ireland, and John Lester a singer-songwriter-bassist from the USA, met just 15 minutes before they hit the town’s courtyard stage as a duo. They were the first act, on the first day, of the first year, of "Rochefort en Accords" and something happened …something magical.  Both musicians recognized it and by the end of the weekend, were sharing it with an audience of thousands from the festival main stage. 

  Paul and John continued to meet up at Rochefort en Accords each August playing together and lending their respective talents as guitarist and bassist to other invited acts such as Peter Rowan, Darden Smith, Kim Richie, Robin Hitchcock, and a host of others. Their duo shows became a mainstay of the festival and solidified the realization that they were really good for each other’s music. In 2007 they began touring Europe together playing in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Austria, and England. After seven tours the music and the magic kept growing. 

  "PAUL TIERNAN & JOHN LESTER – LIVE" is the long awaited duo recording by these two award winning and well-respected talents. Captured in April 2014 on their first US tour, the album features seven songs by each artist (six originals and one cover each). 

  The album was launched January 20, 2015 and is receiving rave reviews. John and Paul recently played their second US tour in September and are now planning to tour Europe again in Fall 2016.



“The interaction that goes on between them, both overtly and covertly, is something that's subtle and sensational, voices and instruments intertwining and blending to weave songs of influence and poise.”

- Folkwords


“Really one of the best sounding live albums I’ve heard! Great performances, great sound.”

- Gretchen Peters