"LIVE" Album review from Folkwords

"The partnership between Paul Tiernan & John Lester is one of those ‘happenstances’ that came about by accident but led to something rather wonderful. Since meeting in 2005, they’ve toured together and captivated audiences – now for the first time the unique alchemy of a live set is captured on their latest album ‘Live ‘. The interaction that goes on between them, both overtly and covertly, is something that’s subtle and sensational, voices and instruments intertwining and blending to weave songs of influence and poise.

As with many live albums today the recording is clean as a whistle and the production spot on. You’re there with the duo, hearing exactly what the audience hears. The album eases in with the gentle relaxation of ‘Shooting Fish’, followed by the earthy depths of ‘Union Street’ – the rapture of the audience is as clear as it could be, you really could hear a pin drop. This recording is essential Tiernan & Lester featuring fourteen tracks and throughout they reflect the level of musical communication between the artists. Take your pick, the subtle seduction always remains, ‘So Many Reasons’, ‘Skinny’, ‘Boxcar Ballerinas’ or ‘The Rainbow Over Magen’s Bay’ – whether your new to this duo or a long-time familiar fan, the richness of this recording will establish it as a firm favourite."

Charlie Elland, FolkWords 1/11/15